Email Marketing

CustomizeDev, in partnership with Emma, brings you the best deal in email marketing! You get Emma's proven technology platform with their amazingly friendly and responsive customer service together with our quick turnaround, outstanding design expertise, and deep technical knowledge. We make email marketing look easy at highly competitive prices.

Engage your customers

Partnering with us, you will be able to focus on your customers while we deal with the muck of email marketing. You will be able to:

  • Strengthen your brand visibility,
  • Educate your customers about your products and services,
  • Spread the word about special deals and promotions.

Reach your customers with ease

Email marketing is fickle. If you ever looked for an important message in your junk mailbox or got angry at poorly-formatted spam, then you know what we mean. As an email marketer, you need to know how your message makes the most impact. With our coaching on best practices and support every step of the way you can ensure the highest success rates for your email marketing campaigns.

  • Our email campaign designs and templates are clear, stylish and compatible with all major email clients and browsers.
  • We report email delivery status and customer responses in real time. You'll know who got the email, opened it, or clicked any link inside it.
  • We provide you the tools you need to grow your audience lists through your web site and other media. We can even do it for you.
  • We manage opt-ins and opt-outs for you 24/7.
  • We provide FREE coaching to get you started, educating you on the industry's best practices.

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